Luxury watch Rolls is an independent designer and private manufacturer of handmade genuine leather watch rolls for storage, travel, and display.

We are a luxury watch accessory brand that offers premium quality watch rolls at an affordable price. Our aim is to ensure that watch lovers all over the world are able to store their precious timepieces safely and stylishly.



My name is Jamie, and I am the founder and owner of Luxury Watch Rolls. I am passionate about watches, and after owning a number of watches I began to look into getting suitable storage cases to keep my timepieces safe from knocks and scratches whilst travelling.

I began to notice that high quality genuine leather watch rolls were incredibly expensive, and the cheaper options were either not genuine leather or the quality was lacking. 

Luxury Watch Rolls was founded out of my desire to provide high quality, genuine leather watch rolls at an affordable price, which I would be happy to keep my own watches in, both whilst travelling and at home. 

Jamie Armstrong Luxury Watch Rolls Owner Signature

Jamie Armstrong - Founder & Owner

An image showing Luxury Watch Rolls vintage brown leather triple slot watch roll, for three watch storage. The watch roll is open showing a Rolex Submariner Hulk inside, and two Rolex watches on pillows outside the case, a GMT Master II Pepsi and GMT Master II Batman